Faculty of Education Panel - Building Communities During Covid-19
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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In the true spirit of our motto "Transforming Education. Transforming Lives", the Faculty of Education became a leader as we embraced our combined strengths to provide leadership and assistance during the pandemic. Several unique and impactful tools and projects emerged as we rallied to bring much needed supports to both educators and families alike. Join our panel of presenters as we share these free resources and our findings, and how together we can continue to transform education, and lives, beyond COVID-19. Moderated by Acting Dean, Dr. Kathy Hibbert.
Join us to learn about four unique projects that were created during this crisis and how they will help teachers, students, and families alike. Will this crisis change the future of education?
The Online Teacher - Dr. Matt Bazely, Senior Director – Integrated Services & Office for Global Initiatives, Western Education
Learn how the Online Teacher allows educators to confidently transition to virtual teaching. This free, micro-credential course is available to all audiences and connects you with extraordinary Ontario educators in the field who combine theory with real-world experience.
Community Tutoring program - Joanne Lombardi, Practicum and Community Engagement Coordinator, Western Education
As COVID-19 shuttered classrooms, we worked with community partners to bring teacher candidates right into the community and tutor our most vulnerable students. Joanne will share the challenges and outcomes of this unique project and what happens next.
Pandemic Support for Teachers and Students - Dr. Traci Scheepstra, Assistant Professor for the Bachelor of Education Program (part-time faculty) and CEO/Co-founder of Embodied Learnings
When teachers include the body in their teaching practice it allows students to make meaning of themselves, others, and the world around them in new and profound ways. Embodied Learnings believes that embodied experiences can have an impact on student learning, healthy relationships, student wellness, inclusive and welcoming learning communities, and thriving school cultures. This has never been more important than it is now, in the midst of COVID, when physical and mental health is of critical concern, community feels frayed, and students are being asked to learn in new ways.
Embodied Learnings has been incredibly responsive, during this time, by providing a number of teaching resources and learning materials, on topics related to trauma, mental health, mindfulness, movement integration, teacher wellness strategies, and more. Learn how this community-driven organization sprung from the hard work and dedication of several Western teacher candidates who conducted research and development during the height of the pandemic.
Helping Parents and Educators Talk to Children about COVID-19 - Dr. Karen Bax, C. Psych. Director, Mary J. Wright Education and Research Centre at Merrymount
Fear, loss, and the anxiety brought on by COVID-19 raised already high levels of stress, anxiety and depression among children and youth, especially those that already face adversity in their lives. One way to build communities is to support those who interact with children every day: educators and parents. We provided a trauma-informed on-line seminar for educators, to help them feel better prepared to support children returning to their classrooms. Additionally, through the help of PhD students in School and Applied Child Psychology at our faculty, we supported parents through urgent psychology referrals around parenting during COVID-19 and prepared information pamphlets, early on in the pandemic, to help parents understand how to talk to their children about the pandemic and better support their safety, worries and fears. 

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