Madiha Salman Memorial Scholarship in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Madiha Salman was a valued member of the Western Engineering community. Madiha obtained a Masters degree in Civil Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Jason Gerhard, and was nearing the completion of her PhD with Dr. Ernest Yanful. Dr. Gerhard has shared that Madiha was a "sparkling, generous, loving person that treasured education, female advancement, equality, and research". She held prestigious scholarships from NSERC and OGS during her graduate studies.

Madiha served as a teaching assistant in the department for more than six years during her graduate studies and was described by Dr. Ayman El Ansary as "one of the best Teaching Assistants in the first year ES1022y Engineering Statics course". She had a great role in helping the students transition from high school to university.

As a muslim, Madiha strongly believed in inclusivity and this award will be open to female engineering students who advocate for inclusion of all races and religions. Madiha will be sadly missed by many of her students, friends, and colleagues.

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